Writing a Successful Research Paper

In almost all academic research papers, two keywords evoke anxiety. This article explains the steps for writing a successful research paper. 

Research proposal Vs. research paper

Though the writing process is the same, the research proposal (prospectus) from the research paper is different. The goal of the research paper is to demonstrate a student’s academic knowledge of the subject matter. On the other hand, a research proposal is persuasive material meant to convince the audience of the research project’s worth. A research paper is a finished product, while the research proposal is to work in progress.  

Explore the research process.

The research procedure is an essential first step since it uses useful in the following ways:

  1. To comprehend the subject
  2. To formulate ideas for the research paper
  3. Create a thesis statement
  4. Speak on the topic with authority 

The following are areas where one can gather research materials:

  • Google Scholar
  • Newspapers
  • Government reports, guides, and publications
  • Periodicals and books
  • Online databases, almanacs, and encyclopedias 

Take notes of useful information while you are reading. Besides, keep watch of reference materials so that you can use them to build your bibliography. 

Plan before you begin to write

All research work is a product of many ideas. Planning is critical to any writing and, indeed, to research papers. Without planning, you will spend a lot of time in revision and even lack focus.

  • Thesis Statement

A sentence gives a summary of the main points of the paper in addition to previewing the supporting points. The thesis statement guides readers at the start of the paper by informing them of the critical idea and support ideas. The end of the introductory paragraph usually contains a thesis statement. A thesis statement is useful since every point or argument should support it. Research papers exist in three groups, namely: argumentative, expository, or analytical.  

  • The Outline

An outline is useful in organizing your ideas before you begin the writing process. Once you have composed the thesis statement, think of the key points to support this statement. Fashion the critical points as subheadings, and then have your points under these subheadings.

How to write a research paper

Writing a research paper is energizing and inspiring since you have already organized your ideas and have a clear direction. The following are components of a research paper:

  • Introduction

The introduction section captures the context and background for your research paper. Since it is the starting section, compose solid opening statements that will keep readers engaged. You do not need to be boring when writing a scholarly research paper. You should explain the aim of your paper and an outline of how you want to approach it.

  • The Body

When writing the body of your research paper, the outline comes in handy. The purpose of the outline is to keep you focused and on track. The development of your research paper may evolve; however, remember to be focussed on the thesis statement and include points that prove and support the thesis statement. Do not allow your sources to plan your paper.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is the section that allows you to wrap up your paper. The majority of research papers finish by restating their thesis statements. Then support it with a summary of the key points that you have argued in the paper. If need takes a minute to highlight why you think the topic needs further research and suggest possible research areas.

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