How to Execute a Reaction Paper

Everything that you needed to write a reaction is included in this article. This paper requires your personal opinion to be demonstrated and reflected in your paper. A conclusion regarding the main purpose of your paper will be required. You have to bring your thoughts and opinions to the table; this is the main task involved in this paper and we have you covered through the analysis that we shall be described below.

Tips on how to write a reaction paper

The main task is not to impress your tutor on the fluidity of your ability to write the paper; rather it is to show how good you are at analyzing the situation and how best you can put your thought processes on paper. The paper is expected to be divided into some few parts as follows:

The first part is the introductory part of your essay where you are expected to provide information about the topic and the author of the work that you are examining. It is a good idea if you can create a draft of the paper before you move into writing the draft of your paper. While direct quotations are allowed and normal, you are required to keep your focus on the source given by your tutor

The second part is the area where you are expected to state your own opinion based on what you have gotten through the main source in dealing with the problem at hand. You are expected to discuss the topic and express your ideas here. Extract the main problem and keep your focus on it. 

If there are equal level subjects to be discussed, take your time to address each of them separately and give each of them the attention and focus that they deserved. Take the main problem to the reality of things in modern society. Take the solid points out of your main source and compare it with your views.

Helpful hints

  • Go through your source carefully and take note of the major points and ideas and if possible memorize them
  • Write down all the main ideas in the source
  • Form a thesis with a single sentence which you are to expand in the body of the paper.
  • Other sources can be used to compare your ideas and reactions.

Avoid the following mistakes

  • Do not summarize your source. Your opinion is needed based on the content of your source
  • Avoid the use of examples that have no bearing on the main topic and examples that are not reliable.
  • Do not shy away from conflict with the opinion of the author

Outline of the paper

The reaction paper like other academic papers consists of three main parts: Introduction; body and conclusion. The list of citations and sources are also included in the mix. The introductory part is perhaps the most important part of the exercise. This is the first thing your reader sees and you have to make the desired impressions there. 

Final take

Some tricky moments might come up during writing the essay. You can consult online help in case the need arises for such.

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