How to Get 150 Research Paper Topics in 2020

People make the mistake of saying that the most difficult aspect of writing a paper is how to start. But if there is no topic, how do you start on an empty platform? Simple logic follows that the most difficult aspect of writing a paper is the selection of the topic.

Getting the right topic will involve producing the right topic from scratch which will be based on your area of interest or alternatively you might seek help through several online sources. There are pre-assembled lists that you can easily draw inspiration from and choose from the list the topic that most inspires you.

If you are to start from scratch, the following tips will be of useful help:

Your Interests

The research work is not a day’s affair. You will be with it for months and the reason why you are to choose a topic that you are passionate about. When you have a list of ideas as topics, narrow it down to the one that you are most passionate about and make sure your topic of interest is not too narrow.

The Info

When you are considering a topic, before you make a final decision, make sure you check the info on the subject because you are going to need to write a compelling paper. If the info on the topic is too narrow, it is best to look the other way if you are to achieve the ultimate best that you are entitled to in your academic report.

The Research Question

This is yet another area that is supposed to look into; there are three approaches to formulating the research question and just one of them will do. The research question can be any of:  

  • Comparative: You are going to look into the similarities and differences which exist between two or more entities.
  • Casual: You are to investigate the effects that altering a variable has on other existing variables. The target is to suggest a casual relationship at the end of the day. 
  • Descriptive: This is the careful and detailed observation of a phenomenon event with the object of dissecting it in full detail.

How can we obtain an excellent research paper topic? 

  • The focus: There should be a concrete focus on the investigation. It should be seen to be clear enough to be understood by the readers
  • Originality: The area of the research should be virgin- something that no one has previously worked on.
  • Useful: The research topic should be one that is going to serve a definite purpose
  • Relevant: The topic should be one that is relevant to the needs of the society at that point in time
  • Trending: The topic must be one that is trending because of its novelty and its unexplored potentials. 

The topics are online

Having this far and noted all that is required to get the topic and do justice to the topic of your choice, it is important to note that you can read 150 of such topics online. Picking on any one of them will be pretty easy if the tips above are followed.

Final take

Getting the right topic will not come easy without doing the needful that was stated above. If all the requirements stated above are followed to the letter; you are going to get the best results on offer.

How to Execute a Reaction Paper

Everything that you needed to write a reaction is included in this article. This paper requires your personal opinion to be demonstrated and reflected in your paper. A conclusion regarding the main purpose of your paper will be required. You have to bring your thoughts and opinions to the table; this is the main task involved in this paper and we have you covered through the analysis that we shall be described below.

Tips on how to write a reaction paper

The main task is not to impress your tutor on the fluidity of your ability to write the paper; rather it is to show how good you are at analyzing the situation and how best you can put your thought processes on paper. The paper is expected to be divided into some few parts as follows:

The first part is the introductory part of your essay where you are expected to provide information about the topic and the author of the work that you are examining. It is a good idea if you can create a draft of the paper before you move into writing the draft of your paper. While direct quotations are allowed and normal, you are required to keep your focus on the source given by your tutor

The second part is the area where you are expected to state your own opinion based on what you have gotten through the main source in dealing with the problem at hand. You are expected to discuss the topic and express your ideas here. Extract the main problem and keep your focus on it. 

If there are equal level subjects to be discussed, take your time to address each of them separately and give each of them the attention and focus that they deserved. Take the main problem to the reality of things in modern society. Take the solid points out of your main source and compare it with your views.

Helpful hints

  • Go through your source carefully and take note of the major points and ideas and if possible memorize them
  • Write down all the main ideas in the source
  • Form a thesis with a single sentence which you are to expand in the body of the paper.
  • Other sources can be used to compare your ideas and reactions.

Avoid the following mistakes

  • Do not summarize your source. Your opinion is needed based on the content of your source
  • Avoid the use of examples that have no bearing on the main topic and examples that are not reliable.
  • Do not shy away from conflict with the opinion of the author

Outline of the paper

The reaction paper like other academic papers consists of three main parts: Introduction; body and conclusion. The list of citations and sources are also included in the mix. The introductory part is perhaps the most important part of the exercise. This is the first thing your reader sees and you have to make the desired impressions there. 

Final take

Some tricky moments might come up during writing the essay. You can consult online help in case the need arises for such.

Complete Guide on how to Write a Term Paper

You are expected to follow an outline while writing your term paper and it will act as the guide who you are going to follow to conclude your research work. You are expected to follow a definite guide in your write-up. Do not be in any haste in writing your term paper; you need to take your time to think about your main points and fashion out a way to get the best out of the paper. We shall go into the full details of what you need to find good term papers for sale if you can’t write the paper on your own. We have got you completely covered through this article. Enjoy.

  • Get ready for long research hours

It is a must to research if you want to get the best results. Students who go straight into writing without research are taking a wrong step which will not lead them to the desired destination. Be prepared for research. 

  • Create your outline

You are advised to create an outline of your own because it will give you the magic wand that you need to be in perfect control of your paper. You will end up with a smooth work that puts your work in chronological order.

  • Your Introduction

It is required that you come up with a compelling introduction to your work. You have to present something that will get your readers hooked here. A brilliant introduction will make your reader read through your entire work from start to finish. 

  • Avoid ambiguous words

Nothing kills your term paper more than fluff words. This should be avoided because there is no room for such in academic writing. What you are writing is a formal academic work and should contain only relevant stuff.

  • Conclusion

This is as important as your introduction. Your conclusion should be powerful and highly impactful. A bright way of doing this is to follow the ROCC method. You have to end with a powerful call to action that will make the impact on your readers.

  • The citation style

While writing your term paper, you are expected to follow a formatting style. It is strongly advised that you follow the MLA or the APA style of formatting. This will be a wise decision that will give you the best results that mattered in your term paper. 

  • Proofread Your Work

It is necessary that you proofread your content to correct errors of expression that might occur during the process of writing. You can give it your friends or family members that are in a position to offer useful tips on your choice of words and grammar. You are going to lose some valuable marks if you fail to proofread your work.

Final take

You cannot neglect your term paper because it forms part of your final grades. If you fail to do it right, you are going to get poor grades that will not be in your favor at the end of the day. But if you follow the tips above; you are going to come up with something great that will earn you the high grades of your dream,